The world is changing fast. Technology has evolved to the point where there are now robots that can do just about any job you can imagine, from cooking and cleaning all the way to being a surgeon. The “robots” in this case don’t really look like what most people think of as robots – they’re more like androids: human-like machines with artificial intelligence, made from metal or plastic instead of flesh and blood. But these new machines sound so lifelike, it’s easy to forget they’re not humans at all. And some experts say we may be only 20 or 30 years away from achieving true artificial intelligence, also known as the singularity. But fret not, the future is always brighter than we think! These are my top 5 robots to look forward to!


1. Robot Kitchen


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With the help of a robot, you can now cook 5000 delicious recipes and even have it clean up for you.

If you want to cook your own meals but would rather not, Moley might be the perfect solution for your hectic schedule. With two robotic arms and a recipe database, this robot will make food suggestions based on ingredients that need replacing in your kitchen. If it makes a mess while cooking or cleaning up after itself, don’t worry-Moley can fix all those problems too! For $340K though…some people may just keep doing things themselves instead. While that may be too much for the average person to bear, we can always dream of the day when we have a 24/7 robotic Michelin chef!


2. VR assisted robotic surgery


Image source : Fantastic Voyage-Inspired Miniature Surgical Robot Aims To Revolutionize Abdominal Surgery (


Vicarious Surgical has developed a new tool for minimally invasive surgery that uses virtual reality and robotics to allow surgeons control over the system through nine degrees of freedom with 360° visualizations. This is done by making it as intuitive as possible, allowing them to mimic human motion while also being in VR themselves! The surgeon can even feel like they are Ant Man during the procedure due to this technology!


3. Safe Distancing Robot


Image source : Robot reminds visitors of safe distancing measures in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


Boston Dynamics is the front runner of robotics, and creates robots specifically designed to traverse different terrains more effectively than wheeled robots.

This robot is called “Spot” and was deployed at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in May, 2020. Spot can broadcast a recorded message reminding park visitors to observe safe distancing measures, utilizes video analytics in order to prevent collisions, and acts as an ambassador for the parks by patrolling on its own. One day we may see robots like this used as robotic police dogs!


4. Robot Butler


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Samsung’s  Bot Handy has a single arm and three pivot points allowing enough flexibility to grasp, carry and position items as delicate as dishes. It also uses AI cameras that can recognize objects for the correct task – like handling laundry or bringing you a glass of wine after work! Think of it, your own personal robot butler!


5. Robot Zoo


Image source : Will a $26M Robot Dolphin Replace Captive Animals in Aquariums and Theme Parks? – EcoWatch


The robot dolphins from Edge Innovations are almost indistinguishable from real ones.

The prototype of a robotic dolphin is being developed with the aim to use in place of real animals.  The model dolphins were indistinguishable from real ones, according to test audiences. This could potentially put a giant roadblock in the illegal abduction of animals

This could potentially change the future of zoos. Robot animals do not require constant supervision, cleaning, feeding, housing. Furthermore, they will outlive the lifespan of any animal!



Robots have been a hot topic in the news lately, and we all know that some people are afraid of what this could mean for their jobs. However, there is also an optimistic side to robots: Imagine how many industries will be revolutionized by these autonomous machines! Robots can do things like construction work or even serve as companions for elderly citizens who need assistance with daily tasks. As robot technology continues to rapidly advance, it’s clear that they’re going nowhere anytime soon – so let’s get ahead of the curve and start brainstorming ways that robots might benefit our society instead of fearing them.

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