Founded and headquartered in Singapore, Aventis Advanced Analytics consists of a talent of dedicated strategists and digital experts will help you grow and scale. We provide both B2B and B2C clients with customised solutions and services by bringing our own individuality and experiences to the table, and suffice to say, we don't hold back. Our experience focuses on delivering top quality services and solutions for your organisations needs. 

We ensure a seamless and fun experience for our clients, as we will manage the entire process from the ideation stage to implementation, and after support. At AAA, it's not just about business. We believe in building long trusting relationships with you, so let us take care of you! 

If you are as excited as we are on this, let's begin our adventure into a seamless digital experience!

Our Approach


Let's have a chat to understand how your systems and processes are like!


AS-IS will begin with development of existing processes hand in hand, where we will define, measure and analyse

The as-is phase outlines the current state of your processes and any gaps or issues with the current mode of operation. Once we have that mapped out, your organization can enter the to-be phase of process management.

Without this fundamental information, it is difficult to manage and improve processes. In other words, if you don’t know where you’re starting from, you’ll have a hard time getting to where you want to be.  


TO-BE timeline will start to roll out, once everything is solidified and approved to go!

To-be process mapping documents what you want the process to look like.

Using the as-is diagram, we will develop improvements to the current process and outline those changes on your organization's to-be map.

Our Consultants

Meet the dream team!

Dr Samuel Lee

Digital Transformation Strategist, with over 20+ years of consultancy experience. Also a lead consultant for Enterprise Training and Implementation for Digital Skills Accelerator under the WSQ Digital Transformation Framework. 

He has helped over 500 organizations across Asia to acquire skills necessary to create Digital Transformation and develop Technology and Digital roadmaps as part of their Leadership change so that their businesses can grow and expand globally. With experience and knowledge of Skillsfuture program & Grants/funding from the Government, he has assisted many leaders in changes and Work place learning initiatives.

Brandon Ong

Brandon helps companies in the wholesale trade sector implement automated and AI-powered solutions to their current workflows. He is also developing a Robotic Process Automation tool (AI task robots in computers) to help wholesalers in their day-to-day operations.

Prior to this, Brandon served as the Chief Technology Officer of The Pawmeal Group. Beyond the front-end development of the website, Brandon is also developing machine learning algorithms for use cases. Coupled with his knowledge from his undergraduate study of Business Analytics, he was able to provide customised technical solutions that integrated well with the business strategies and goals.

Alvin Lam

Alvin has more than 18 years of experience in enabling technology and processes to serve businesses. With an unparalleled unique combination of Business, IT and Asian multi-cultural knowledge, Alvin has established himself as one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in Asia. 

Alvin has helped individuals and organisations to understand the relationships of technology, service management and business. With the experience of working with a wide variety of solution vendors and C-level executives in the private and public sectors, he provides insights into Business and the challenges ahead for executives in the decision-making process. 

Our Tech Partners


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