Before we get started, what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the first place? Is it robots? Well, technically, according to Bernard Marr in His Forbes article ‘The Key Definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) That Explain Its Importance’, he brought up a point in which the definition of AI has shifted as years goes on. This is because with the progress and evolution that is constantly happening, the perspective and use of AI has also adapted to such changes.

As of recent times, AI is best defined based upon the goals that are trying to be achieved with an AI system. In most organisations or companies today, AI development falls under one of the three objectives categorised, which uses “human reasoning as a guide to provide better services or create better products trying to achieve a perfect replica of the human mind”

At the end of the day, the main purpose for the implementation and integration of AI is primarily solve the problems and issues, simultaneously reaping the benefits it may bring for society. This goes to show why it is therefore valuable and imperative to upgrade and understand why AI is necessary and very valuable skillset, as well as knowledge to acquire in this digital era. This article will address 3 components of AI and why it is essential to understand and grasp, targeting to beginners in general, exploring Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity, as well as Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Business. AI is the future, and the future is here! So let me bring you on a journey to widen your AI knowledge and pique your interest to dive into this buzzing field!

1. Hottest skillset of the century!

We often hear that AI will doom us all, by taking away our jobs, and even relationships! Well maybe that is true to a certain extent, hence why it is very imperative to learn and embrace AI, instead of fearing it and only losing out.

People often forget as well that it is also creating more jobs in all major sectors. To stay relevant and be ahead of the game, it is therefore crucial to learn the necessary skillsets and transform! There are so many AI courses, AI short workshopsAI education programmes available out there in the market to choose from. All you must do is take the next step and get certified!

Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies making its mark in every industry. In Singapore, a ‘National AI Strategy: The next key frontier of Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey’ is an initiative by the Government to deepen the use of AI technologies to transform Singapore’s economy, to fundamentally rethinking business models and making deep changes to reap productivity gains and create new areas of growth. With such changes happening, people with AI skillsets and knowledge will be able to leverage on such exciting opportunities ahead!

2. Exciting Business & Career Opportunities Await!

Continuing from the initiative of National AI Strategy, Singapore has identified 5 National AI Projects in sectors such as transport and logistics, smart cities and estates, healthcare, education, and safety and security. This will incorporate and integrate AI technologies that will be used to address key challenges and deliver strong social and/or economic impact for Singapore and Singaporeans.

To meet the growing demand of jobs in Artificial Intelligence, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) collaborate with organisations like Google and AI Singapore to run initiatives to groom non-tech professionals and mid-career switchers with the skills to embark on their AI journey!

3. Wide array of programmes and courses to Level Up your skillsets in Artificial Intelligence!

From such a spread of programmes and courses offered by institutions, be it online or face to face, there are so many opportunities up for grabs to upgrade and acquire AI skillsets that will be beneficial and valuable.

In this Age of AI, the only way ahead is to keep moving forward. At Aventis, we are proud to introduce our short courses on AI as well as Data Science topics, as well as our higher education programmes such as the Graduate Diploma in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. We truly believe that by providing such programmes, it will allow and encourage companies and even individuals to take that leap of faith and not fear from the AI revolution. We do engage with industry experts to provide a comprehensive and real-life approach to how AI is used in this market. Learners will graduate from these courses equipped with the fundamentals to move ahead and progress onto more complex courses and continuously develop to master AI.

4.  Artificial Intelligence is everywhere!

It really is. Take chatbots for instance. It operates on a 24/7 basis, and it can connect with you just like how a human would. Self-driving automobiles? Many of these vehicles are on the road already, how scary yet fascinating is that? Not to mention smart home devices as well. You could be at work, yet able to control the settings of your appliances simultaneously with just an app. You could see who came by your house even when you are not there too. The opportunity for AI is limitless.

Lets take a look at social media. Do you realise at times when you are having a conversation, or searching up the internet for specific things, and then advertisements of that specific thing you were looking at just decides to pop up on Facebook, or Instagram? Of course, these are all corelated to non other than AI. It is pretty cool, but also pretty creepy. What do you think?

It is safe to say that everyone is aware, or at least have heard of TikTok. Why and how it is so successful and popular is the fact that they use AI powered algorithms. This helps content creators craft viral videos. It simplifies the tedious process of video editing and also suggests music, hashtags, filters and other enhancements that are viral, or are really popular at that point in time. The AI powered algorithms also helps TikTok to identify their consumers interest, preferences, as well as the amount of time spent on that platform thus building sizeable datasets.

5. Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

The term AI for everyone, is very literal in the sense that it does in fact apply to various industries. This one example focuses on just Cyber Security – which is significantly becoming more and more important as AI progresses.

It is as noted that Artificial Intelligence is helping organisations minimize impacts of cyber security threats, but simultaneously, it is imperative that AI systems, including the models and algorithms, be protected against cyber-attacks. This also includes any unethical usage of AI for any purpose.


6.  Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Business

With modern innovation redefining traditional business practices, understanding the application of AI in business is paramount. Artificial Intelligence Strategy for business aims to equip professionals with a nuanced understanding of the practical impact AI can have on an organisation, and how professionals can apply AI in their own organisations.

AI is spurring workforce change, and it is imperative for businesses to adapt to these changes, to stay relevant and be at the forefront of this frontier technology. AI has also accelerated many digital transformations in organisations amid this Covid-19 pandemic. This is because organisations realise the “potential of digital and cognitive technologies to increase resilience, spot growth opportunities and drive innovation”.

In fact, according to Straits Times, 1 in 2 companies in Singapore has sped up AI roll-out in the wake of Covid-19. These includes companies in the banking, e-commerce, and logistics industry. They shared that top issues organisations face are such that lack of AI skills and understanding makes it difficult for them to manage complexed data.

With this, it can be said that as much as AI is one of the hottest topics in this century, many organisations are still trying to figure out the ropes, when time is of the essence. Therefore, understanding and having the AI skills is essential and beneficial, but also valued in this era. Thus, we should be inspired and motivated to level up our skillsets and knowledge! Afterall, if we are not the one doing the automation, we will be the ones getting automated. Which side would you rather play for?



Honestly, we can go on with the reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence, but the list is endless. Whilst AI is still HOT and relatively in the beginning phase, especially in Singapore, do not delay any longer! Take that step and embark on the journey to join the AI revolution!

You will never regret this investment as it will only add more value and benefits to not only your current role, but as well as future endeavors you might pursue. It is something you will hold for life, and that is the one thing nobody can take from you.

With proper education, trainings, and practice, you will master AI, and soon have your very own army of community to lead. Whether you are a beginner, using AI to assist with Cyber Security, or would like to integrate AI into your business processes, there is no better time to start than now!


Learn more about Artificial Intelligence and how to get started on the journey!

At Aventis, we recognise the importance of being able to continuously learn and upgrade skillsets, even if it is completely foreign, which is why we’ve kick-started our 1-Day Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence. This course prepares you with strategic decision-making responsibilities to effectively analyses, articulate, and apply key Artificial Intelligence (AI) management and leadership insights within your work, teams, and organisations. In this course, you will explore how AI is affecting the development and execution of strategy in organisations.

We also offer a 1-Day Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security. This course will equip you with a basic understanding how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to respond to threats, how to monitor and ensure AI is safe from cyber hackers or security breaches, and how to use AI ethically, hand in hand with cyber security. Afterall, as we progress into the AI journey, we also have a responsibility to monitor and ensure it is done ethically. Together, we can promote a safer cyberspace for all!

Lastly, if you would like to understand better how to incorporate AI into your business and organisations, we have the perfect course just for you! Check out our 2-Days Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Business course! The aim is to equip professionals with a nuanced understanding of the practical impact AI can have on an organisation, and how professionals can apply AI in their own organisations. With a focus on real-world applications that go beyond the hype and fear regarding what AI could mean for the future, this course helps students to recognise the opportunities and threats AI could present for their industries!



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